1. This subscription is non-transferable.
  2.  It is mandatory to make a booking before coming to the tourist center.
  3. Do not bring outside food.
  4.  Members can stay for a maximum of 2 days and 2 nights in a month.
  5. Prohibition of drug use.
  6.  Legal action will be taken in case of any illegal act and membership will be canceled without any prior notice and their membership fee will not be refunded in any way.
  7.  In-room baggage destruction will be reimbursed and membership will be cancelled.
  8. 15% deduction will be given on cancellation of booking.
  9. The benefit of this membership will be given only to the member and his family. Apart from the family, a separate size fee will be charged from the individual.
  10. Tourists should take care of their literature. Management will not be responsible for missing material.
  11. In addition to the members, 50 percent of the rooms in the tourist center will be reserved for outside customers during national and international festivals and local festivals.
  12. Management reserves the right to remove, modify or change the terms and conditions of the Website and its content.
  13. The management will have the right to change the terms and conditions according to the circumstances and in case of any kind of calamity or legal obstacle, the tourist center will be closed as per the instructions of the government.
  14.  If the member does not come to the tourist center within the given period, the fee paid by all the slaves will not be refunded on any Case.
  15. I agree to all the above terms and conditions